Coronavirus Information in Germany and Support

 1.  Corona government support for companies


The federal government is planning to support for the self-employed and small businesses.


Who is the grant for?



       The grant is planned especially for freelancers, solo self-employed and small businesses with few employees.

       So if you belong to this group, please take a closer look at the reports below.

       That is intended to help cover running costs such as rent.

       There is short-term employee benefit  (KUG) to reduce personnel costs!


To get the government support, we will introduce you all the grant of all federal states.


How can I apply for the grant?


Bayern: In Bavaria, the grant can be applied for very informally.








 2.Corona virus: short-term employee benefit compensation system information for companies

  • If at least 10% of employees have lost more than 10% of their wages, it will be able to valid for short-term employee benefit.
  • Social security tax on lost working hours is reimbursed at 100%.
  • short-term employee benefit compensation system period can be extended maximum 12 months.
  • Temporary workers are also eligible for short-term employee benefit.
  • If the contracted flexible working system (autonomous working hours) is agreed,  the accumulation of the under-working hours  is waived.
  • Additional terms and conditions are valid for claims for short-term employee benefit.


Detailed information for short-term employee benefits (KUG) can be found in the KUG Guide. 


If you need help about your application, please contact us!



Do you run an online mall in Germany? Please check to the link at the bottom of the detailed information.


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