Our lawyers advise our national and international clients in all areas of German and EU business law.

Our services include providing advice, drafting documentation, negotiating with opponents and authorities as well as representing our clientsin all litigious matters.


Our Clients include small to medium enterprises as well as publicly listed companies, national and multi-national trade and service providers and industrial businesses; whose activities range from whole sale and foreign trade, telecommunication, technology and research and development. We have attorneys who are fluent in German, English, Korean and French.


We do not aspire to be a large multi-national law firm with a large number of offices and attorneys.

We prefer to provide individual and personal advice to clients with high expectations and who seek tailor-made solutions for their complex issues, by using our own expertise and in-depth knowledge acquired through individual specializations as well as our international long-standing network of partners.


The compatibility of family and career is a common and vital objective for our law firm. Taylor-made solutions are actively supported by all attorneys.